Step 1: 

Login to with your main cryptosx user account.

Please make sure you have logged in to your MetaMask and connected it to Cryptosx DEX as shown in image below.

Step 2:

Select Digital Assets tab above and click on the token you wish to purchase.

Eg. FirstShot Centers

Step 3:

Click on the BUY button located at the right side of the page will redirect you to the purchasing window shown as image below.

Step 4:

Click Unlock button beside USDT as show in Image 05 and click confirm button from the MetaMask pop-up windows as show in Image 06.
**Repeat the process for FST below as well.
**It may take 1~2mins to complete the unlocking process, try re-log to see the changes.

Step 5:

Once unlocking process done for both FST and USDT, you are able input the amount you wish to Pay or Get at the left side of the Purchasing Pop-up Window.

Step 6:

For the token trading, Please select Tradeview tab above and click on the MetaMask Connecting button located on the right side.

Step 7:

Once connected, you should see Unlocked status beside FST/USDT above and able to select BUY/SELL tab below to input your trading amount.