This guide will guide you through the process of signing up at Cryptosx and verify your account to level 1.

Step 1: Click on this link to go to our Sign Up page.

Please fill in the form to register as a user on our exchange platform.

Once done, user will receive the message above.

Step 2: Login to your email and then open the email with the title "Active your Account." sent from "First Bullion".

Step 3: Click “Activate Account” button, system will redirect user to Cryptosx main page.

Step 4: For your security, some of our services require you to provide basic or additional levels of verification.

Account Verification

Step 5: Locate and click “Profile” button on the top. Click “START VERIFICATION” button.

Step 6: Click “Start” button in the pop window on the left and fill up the necessary information’s to continue.

Step 7: Verification result will be known within one working day. Status of a successful verified account will be shown as above.

A verified level-1 account allowed user to trade cryptocurrency such as BTC/ETH.

Two-Factor Authentication



Step 8:  Locate "Two-Factor Authentication" by follow the image above (Profile>Profile & Security)



Step 9:  QR code window wills pop-up, once the Two-Factor Authentication is switched ON.



Step 10:  Scan the QR code by using Google Authenticator App on you smartphone and type the 6 digits code that show in the Google Authenticator App into the left side of the pop-up window.

Google Authenticator App can be downloading via GOOGLE PLAY or APP STORE.


Congratulation! User has successfully registered an account with Cryptosx and verified his account to level 1. For STO trading please refer to Become an Accredited Investor.

Next Step: Become an Accredited Investor