This guide is designed to guide you through the process of registering as a verified user on Cryptosx. You would need the following.

For Webcam submissions:
Your ID Documents

For upload from computer submissions:
Scan of your ID
Your Selfie

Once you have everything ready, let's begin!

1. Log into your Cryptosx Account by clicking the following link: Cryptosx Login

2. Once logged in, click on the "User Settings" tab.

3. Once you are in "User Settings" tab, click on "Verification Level" tab.

4. Then click on "Increase to Level 1" Tab.

5. A tab should open up on the right hand side, then click on "Start ID Verification".

6. Select your ID's issuing country on the top right corner.
7. Select which type of ID you wish to upload.

8. Select how you would like to upload your documents, you can choose to capture it from your Webcam or upload it from your computer.

9. Upload/Capture your ID and the check the quality of the document. All texts and numbers should be clearly readable. If you are happy with the image quality then click "Confirm".

10. Upload/Capture your Selfie and then click "Upload" or "Choose File.

11. Preview the quality of the picture, if you are happy then press "Complete".

12. Please wait for the window to finish loading while processing your files.

13. Upon successful submission, the window on the right-hand side should disappear. Please wait 10 minutes for your results. 

14. After 10 minutes, refresh the page. The icon should turn green and you will receive an email about your verification results.

Congrats! You are now officially a verified user at Cryptosx!

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