Cryptosx DX-Demo is our decentralized trading platform.

Step 1: download/setup MetaMask (browser plugin) from

Step 2: Login to and click the drop down on the top left side.


Step 3: Select My Account and locate Securitize On-Chain Registration on the right side. Click START ON-CHAIN REGISTRATION.

Step 4: Read the shown instruction and click NEXT on the bottom right.

Step 5: Click on the MetaMask browser plugin icon on the top right you download earlier and click Account from the MetaMask drop down ( the red rectangle box) to copy your MetaMask address.

Step 6: Once you copied your MetaMask address, please paste your address to MetaMask Wallet Address and click SUBMIT on the bottom right.

Once finished processed. Congratulation! User has verified his account in Cryptosx DX-Demo.